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illuminating your individual path towards self-development

Christina Scherer is an IntuitiveLifeGuide collaborating with clients to bring their potential into the light while empowering them to achieve personal, spiritual and professional goals on all levels. Through her unique mix of clairvoyance, psychology and teaching she adapts her communication style to be most effective based on personality, learning type and development. Through her lifelong clairvoyance her intuitive feedback combined with a rich history of experience and different methods for your step-by-step path to self-development.

Christina is ready to partner with you toward your success. Are you ready to manifest your potential?

Christina offers each new client a complimentary 30min. session and is accepting new clients for sessions both in-person and remote via video conference call.

This is a platform to offer information on different levels to support each individual path to self-development. 

"As a clairvoyant since childhood I am here to share valuable information to support you and your loved ones in your self-development - so you may live your full potential on all levels." - Christina Scherer



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